The "Regulation on Sale, Transfer and Registration Services of Vehicles” (“Regulation”) which regulates the procedures and principles for sale, transfer and registration of vehicles and the fees to be applied for these transactions has been published in Turkish Official Gazette and entered into force as of January 31, 2018.

According to the Regulation, all notaries in Turkey are empowered to make sale, transfer and registration transactions of all vehicles (except specially designated vehicles to be registered by the General Directorate of Security, military vehicles, work machines and vehicles operated by rail system) and for the first time they have been empowered to provide license plates and registration certificates. Previously the latter mentioned duty was being conducted by the General Directorate of Security of the related city.

Within the light of the new Regulation, Vehicle Registry and Registration System(ARTES) shall be established under the responsibility of the Union of Turkish Public Notaries. The notary publics in Turkey shall be authorized to execute sales, transfer and registration of the related vehicles and finally to keep the data related with these transactions. Hence, execution of such transactions become faster with more favorable costs for the citizens. Technical or legal changes relating to vehicles, pledges, liens, interim measures shall be processed under ARTES. The powers and duties of the Union of Turkish Public Notaries have been extended due to the new Regulation. Some of the significant duties of Union of Turkish Public are mentioned to be as follows:

  • To keep record of the vehicles registered by Notaries,
  • To keep the information related to vehicles approval certificates issued by manufacturer determined by the Ministry of Science Industry and Technology or authorized representative,
  • To record the technical and legal changes regarding the sale, transfer and registration of vehicles in electronic environment, to collect and evaluate statistical information,
  • To register, process and remove encumbrances such as pledges, liens, interim measures,
  • To receive or share the required information in electronic environment related to the transactions to be made within the scope of the Regulation and to conclude a protocol with the relevant institution or organization or private legal entity regarding these matters,
  • To keep the essential information and records related to the registration of vehicles in an electronic environment, to share this information with the related institutions or organizations,
  • To provide necessary coordination and technical support for Notaries in order to carry out the works and transactions within the scope of the Regulation,
  • To keep ARTES database, to ensure its management and security,
  • To provide the necessary information regarding ARTES database to the Security General Directorate instantly,
  • To determine letter and number groups of vehicle plates as per the advice of the Ministry of Internal Affairs,

It is remarkable that the new Regulation will also provide economic convenience to the citizens since the new Regulation foresees a fixed fee amounting to 15 TL. (appx. 5 USD) Instead of notary fees under Notary Law for the above-mentioned services to be conducted by Notaries.